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Island Operating Company stresses to each and every employee that no job is so important or so urgent that they cannot take the time to do their work safely. To that end, Island Operating Company will only accept work on a job site which is deemed safe according to safety standards.
Island Operating Company employees, besides being trained in their particular field of expertise, are also trained to understand and adhere to Island's safety requirements. Upon hiring, all employees are required to read and understand the Island Operating Company Safety Manual, pass a drug screening test, pass a physical examination, and successfully complete a pre-work physical
demand test.
Employees receive a copy of the safety manual for ongoing reference and are required to thoroughly review it prior to any offshore work. This safety training is then supplemented by additional training on the job site. Island employees know what safety means to Island and its clients.
Island Operating Company has created a safety incentive program for employees that reward safety measures taken by individual employees. Additionally, incentives are provided to all employees who comply with regularly scheduled programs. Since the implementation of these award programs, Island Operating Company''s accident rate has decreased dramatically.



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