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employee benefits

Our benefits package includes:

Group Health Insurance

  • Wellness Benefit
  • $750 Deductible
  • Prescription Drug Card
  • Preferred Provider Discounts
  • Accident Benefit

Short and Long Term Disability
Island pays 100% of the cost for short-term disability and long term disability for each employee. Disability benefits are paid for an illness or injury away from work beginning on the eighth day of the illness or injury. Effective date of coverage is the first of the month following date of hire.

Optional Coverage's Include:

Dental Insurance
Island pays 30% of the premium for all employees. Services covered under this plan include preventive, basic, major and orthodontia. This plan is a progressive plan in which coverage increases each year (maximum benefit in third year).

Vision Plan
PPO Provider on this play offers a $10 co-pay on eye exams and a $10 CO-pay on eyeglasses and contact lenses, once every 12 months.

Optional Benefits Include:

Vacations & Holidays

Zone Points Program
Island Operating is proud to sponsor a performance-based incentive program that recognizes employees for superior workmanship. The ZONE Points Program is designed to give employees the motivation to go beyond their job description and to be recognized for their extra efforts. Prizes are awarded for the four Z.O.N.E. letters, which are each valued at 25 points. Limit one ZONE per year.
Employees are eligible to receive two (2) sets of FRC uniforms upon hire and every six months thereafter. Employees have a variety of choices for their annual FRC uniforms, and they may purchase additional sets from the Island Store. Island requires all employees to wear FRC uniforms while on the job (based on OSHA requirements).
Employee Referral Program
A referral bonus is given to any employee who refers an experienced production operator to Island Operating Company. The referred operator must list the employee as the referrer on their employment application, and complete 60 days of employment in order for the referrer to receive the bonus. Contact your Island Supervisor for details.
401(k) Plan Trust
Employees can contribute anywhere from 1% to 99% each payroll up to IRS limitations. This amount will be automatically deducted from your paycheck. After meeting the requirements for eligibility, you may join the plan quarterly.

Section 125 Cafeteria Plan
This benefit allows an employee to have pre-tax deductions for any insurance coverage that is deducted from payroll (with the exception of life insurance). The election decision for the Cafeteria Plan will be binding for the full plan year and may only be changed if there is a change in family status.

Direct Deposit
Employees can have their payroll direct deposited into their banks the morning of payroll.

Credit Union
Employees and their family members may become members of Acadian Federal Credit Union or Advancial Credit Union upon date of hire. Many benefits are available through the credit union such as low interest loans, money market accounts, as well as checking and savings accounts, etc. It is easily setup and you have the option of payroll deducting.
Island Store
We offer various items in our Island Store for purchase. These items can be viewed by accessing the Island portal at and clicking on the employee login. You will find posted prices and pictures of each item which you can apply your points toward, or be payroll deducted.



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