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union-free company
We are proud to say that Island Operating is a union-free Company. We prefer to deal directly with our employees rather than through a union. Our personnel policies and programs are designed to meet the needs of employees, providing a positive environment where each employee enjoys maximum opportunity for open communications, conflict resolution and job satisfaction. We work hard to avoid the need for a union.

We want you, our most valuable asset, to express your problems and suggestions to us directly so that we can understand each other better. You have that opportunity, and you may do so without having a third party limit the direct communication between you and Island. We will listen, and do our best to keep you safe, satisfied, informed and motivated.

Signing a union card is a significant matter. If you are ever approached, we urge you not to sign one. Union cards frequently contain language which "authorizes" a union to take away the right you now have to speak for yourself about your job. Unions sometimes use these signed cards and legal proceedings to try and get into a plant without an election. In effect, the signed cards become legal binding documents which turn many individual job rights over to the union. Experience has shown that once a card is signed and given to the union, it is difficult for an employee to get it back. If you are ever presented with a union card and would like more information or clarification, please feel free to speak with your Supervisor or Human Resources Department.



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