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ComplianceIsland Operating Company is welcomed by industry regulators because of our total commitment to compliance. As part of that commitment, Island will conduct site evaluations of a property prior to beginning any new projects. Findings and recommendations are then presented to the customer. In addition, all Island foremen are up-to-date on the latest regulations and frequently conduct unannounced, on-site compliance checks of the platforms operated by Island.
The Island team also consists of a compliance department; this department begins in our Lafayette Office with our Compliance Manager, Compliance Administrative Manager, and staff. The compliance department then branches out to our coastal offices and into the Gulf of Mexico. Our compliance team performs the following:
Audits - Paperwork
  • Review MMS paperwork and records
  • Set up standard filing systems across the Gulf
Audits - Platform
  • Check SAFE Chart and Flow Schematic for accuracy
  • Notify customer of revisions needed
  • Witness inspection of safety devices
Quarterly Audits & Inspections
  • Check paperwork
  • Witness inspection and make walkthrough on platform
  • Assist in actual MMS inspections
  • Mock MMS Inspections
Platform Startups
  • Build startup reports
  • Perform startup inspections with operators
Monthly MMS Compliance Paperwork
  • Audit monthly paperwork
  • Note discrepancies and send to field
  • Monthly checklist
  • Weekly/Monthly email reminders of what is due
Compliance Website
  • Get/send monthly MMS paperwork
  • Review/correct action items noted on audits and mock inspections
  • Useful links/information for general operator knowledge, reference & testing purposes
Our compliance department consists of 40 experienced team members who work closely with all MMS districts as well as fulfilling specific needs of our clients. Our compliance department is available seven days a week to assist in whatever needs may arise in the oil and gas industry.



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